Friday, June 19, 2009

iPhone 3.0 OS is here...

It took me about 8 hours "check for updates" clicking and finally around 8pm on Wednesday it was available!

For the 230 MB download, the first 200MB were downloaded within a few seconds while the last 30 took about half an hour! (was one of the first downloaders?)

About 24 hours experience on iPhone 3.0 and i think that finally there is all the missing "phone" functionality.

Thumps up:
  • I can write Greek!
  • iPod shake! (shake to shuffle)
  • "Search iPhone" or the iPhone spotlight. Everything is about a text box away from your screen.
  • mms (never used it before but it was a pity that iPhone was unable to do something that 30 euro mobiles do)
Thumps down:
  • Some apps 3rd party report "compatibility errors" (fortunately without any (visible) malfunction).
  • Still no background applications (no skype on background)
  • No email filters (should I consider procmail?)

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