Sunday, June 28, 2009

You can do the DB scheme work online!

I'm working on a project with colleagues from other institutes. Within this project we decided to some work on a client-server model application with a database back-end.

We had many mail exchanges, nice figures to describe workflows, phone meetings, video conference meetings but it was time to start doing some work.

One first thing we had to agree on was the DB scheme we are going to work on and i was surprised by a tool that one of the colleagues used to give us his SQL model. The tool is called wwwsqldesigner and it is open-source. Of course there is a demo installation to use if you don't want to install it your self.

What i liked most is that you are able to get your design in XML format. Then you can send the XML file to the rest developing team who can upload it again either to their local installation or the demo one, do their changes and publish a new version etc... Of course you are able to save your model at the server and then others can just select it from a list in order to view it and change it.

I liked it so much that i'm thinking of installing it locally and upload our local project's schemes.

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